No matter how much you love your home, dirty grout and tile can feel frustrating. Hiring a professional grout cleaning company to freshen your tiled spaces is the perfect solution. It provides many benefits to your home— that is, when you hire the right company.

At Houston Groutsmith, we’ve provided homeowners with professionals who know how to assess and resolve grout and tile issues for homes in the Sugarland, TX area for years. Due to our experience, we know what to look for in a professional so you can be sure you will get the cleaning you desire.

Here are 10 traits a grout and tile cleaning company should have to ensure your cleaning is completed to your standards.

1. Experience in Your Project Area

The overall experience of a company will give you an indication of its skill level. However, it is also important to ensure a professional grout cleaning company has experience in your specific project area. You can even ask about the training or experience of the exact employee coming to work on your home. Do they have training certifications or can you see some of their work?

2. Professional Equipment and Solutions

One of the biggest benefits to a professional grout and tile cleaning is that companies can get a much deeper clean with their equipment than you can with store-bought or homemade products and elbow grease. But if a company is not up-to-date on cleaning technology or professional cleaning solutions, you won’t be getting the thorough clean you desire.
You should also watch out for products and equipment that can be potentially damaging to your grout and tile, such as harsh steam or carpet cleaners.

3. Good Communication

Any contractor or company you allow to work on your home needs to have good communication skills. This will keep you on top of your project and will make scheduling easier. They should be clear in what their processes will look like and the products they will be using. They should also be available to answer your questions.

If you find that scheduling with the company is a difficult process, they likely are not effective communicators.

4. Trustworthiness/Reliability

When you let any professional into your home, you want to feel secure that they are trustworthy and reliable. Will they show up on time? Will the project be completed in the time frame they have laid out? If issues arise during the cleaning process, will they make you aware? Reliability is key.

Referrals are one of the best ways to diagnose if reliability and trustworthiness are traits a company possesses. Look for reviews indicating the company’s team arrived on time and was respectful of previous clients’ homes.

5. Knowledgeability

Every type of tile from porcelain to natural stone needs different care. The cleaning process should never be one size fits all. Different types of grout will also require different types of care. Look for a professional grout cleaner with a vast array of knowledge who doesn’t offer only one type of cleaning service.

6. Affordable Yet Fair Pricing

It’s nice to get a good deal on any home maintenance project, but pricing alone shouldn’t be your deciding factor. Look for a company that is affordable yet fair in its pricing. If pricing is too cheap, it often means cheap products, processes, or lackluster work. Fair pricing will look out for you as a homeowner while still offering the highest level of care and attention to your grout and tile.

7. Insured and Bonded

Insurance does two things. It protects your home in the event of an accident, and it also protects you as the homeowner from liability if an injury occurs on your property. Before allowing anyone into your home, check that they are properly insured to keep you out of trouble.

8. Positive Reviews

A good rapport with past clients can go a long way in indicating that a professional grout cleaning company holds high standards for itself. You don’t want a company that simply works to complete a project and cash your check. Look for a company that values your home the way you do. If previous clients felt valued and loved the worked completed, you know that company will provide you with most of the traits we have already mentioned.

9. Aligned Values

What do you value most in your grout and tile cleaning? Is it the use of green or acid-free products? Is it an effective clean regardless of the products used? Is it the protection of the rest of your home? Is it innovation in technology?

Whatever you want, not just from a cleaning but from the company in your home, should align with the traits and values of the company you hire for your cleaning. Such aligned traits will help determine if a company is a good fit for your home. Don’t be afraid to ask questions regarding the detailed processes and products that company will use in your space.

10. A You-Based Mission and Vision

It’s not wrong to believe that when a company works in your home, the service should be about you. After all, it’s your home they are dealing with. If you can find a mission statement on a company’s website, what does it say? Is it about enabling you as a homeowner and meeting your needs?

Get Clean Grout and Tile with a Trusted Professional

You shouldn’t have to worry about the appearance of your Sugarland grout and tile. The Houston Groutsmith team is licensed and bonded to help protect your home. We utilize the newest cleaning technology and avoid harsh carpet cleaners or acid-based cleaning solutions. We treat your home as our own and seek to empower you with the right knowledge to properly care for your tile.

Our team of professionals can give you the highest level of clean while protecting the integrity of your grout and tile, leaving you with tile you can be proud of. Get a free estimate today!