Tile has become increasingly popular in homes. Surfaces including floors, fireplaces, backsplashes, countertops, showers, and more can all be tiled. And while tile can add beauty to your home, it also builds up layers of dirt and grime.

With so many tiled areas in your home, it’s important to keep them looking clean and new.

You might think that in cleaning your home, you are doing all you need for your tile. In reality, professional cleaning services can be a major benefit and even a necessity for your tile. Here are 7 reasons to consider hiring a professional for your grout and tile cleaning.

1. Professional Grout and Tile Cleanings Extend Tile Life

Over time, grime can fade the color of your tile, and unchecked stains can settle in, becoming more difficult or even impossible to remediate. Dirt and debris can scratch the surface of your tile. And without proper cleanings, your tile can experience dulling, cracking, and loosening.

Having a professional step in so you can effectively combat your dirt and grime with a grout and tile cleaning can help make your tile last longer and keep you from needing replacement tiles in the process.

2. Avoid Tedious Elbow Work

Mops and Swiffer® instruments are not the most effective cleaning tools for tile and grout. In fact, mops can spread dirt and bacteria from one tile to another or into grout. The best way to clean your tile is on your hands and knees with a nonabrasive rag or sponge.

Hiring professional cleaning services saves you from this tedious work. Professionals have equipment that is not available to the public, and this equipment helps them achieve a comprehensive cleaning that you simply cannot achieve yourself. They can also accomplish this in less time without as much sweat.

So, leave it to the pros!

3. DIY Grout Cleanings Aren’t Always Effective

Grout pores tend to harbor moisture and bacteria, which can produce mold growth. It can be extremely difficult to effectively clean the entirety of your grout and remove the built-up bacteria. And because of its porosity, grout is susceptible to stains, which can be extremely difficult to remove by hand.

Without proper grout cleanings, tiled surfaces become unsanitary, which in extreme cases can even affect your family’s health. And mold growth that is not remediated can cause tiles to lift and cracks, on top of health issues.

In order to get a deep clean into your grout, you should solicit the help of a professional. Their equipment, products, and expertise can help get into the crevices of your grout and effectively sanitize your tile.

4. Professionals Can Make Tile Look “Like New”

The dirtier your tile has become, the more essential a professional cleaning is for appearances’ sake. The buildup on tile and grout can make you feel embarrassed of your tiled surfaces, but professionals have the right equipment to get your tile looking like new again.

Their cleanings aren’t surface level, which can help transform the look of tile to what it was when it was new.

5. Make Your DIY Grout and Tile Cleanings Easier

Having a professional remove the built-up residue and stains from your tile and grout makes your self-cleanings easier. Rather than playing catchup with the mess, you can simply stay on top of the mess and keep major stains from setting in or heavy grime from building up.

Having a professional seal your tile after a cleaning can amplify the ease of care involved with your tile and provide better protection from scuffs and stains.

6. Save Yourself Time

You have plenty of projects to do as a homeowner. A professional grout and tile cleaning can save you valuable time. Cleaning grout and tile can be a tedious process that takes time for products to set in, time to scrub, and time to cure. It can take even longer if you are having your tile sealed.

Don’t waste your time. Hire a professional and utilize that extra time to catch up on other important projects or spend time relaxing with the family.

7. Professionals Protect Your Grout or Tile From More Damage

Grout and tile companies know the best methods for getting a deep clean, and they know what different types of tiles require. Certain acidic cleaning agents can harm natural stones, and certain store-bought or homemade cleaners may cause more damage when used improperly.

Have a professional come in for a deep cleaning to use safe and effective products and tools in the cleaning of your tile. They will best know what to use and what not to use on the specific materials in your home.

Beautiful Tile You Can Be Proud Of

You don’t have to be embarrassed by your grout and tile. The Houston Groutsmith team has helped thousands of homeowners in the south Houston metro area transform their tile through a safe, non-acidic cleaning process. See our grout and tile cleaning services to learn more about how we can safely and effectively take care of your tile.

Don’t put off your professional cleaning. Get a free estimate with our team today.