South Houston homeowners often face a frustrating problem—dirty, stained, loose, damaged tile and grout that leave them dissatisfied.

You deserve tile and grout that retain their beautiful appearance and impress guests. And with the help of Houston Groutsmith, you can have that! We’ll restore your tile to like-new with our professional tile and grout repair and restoration services.

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Practical Solutions that Restore and Repair Tile and Grout

If you’re struggling with tile and grout issues, it’s important to address them promptly. Fortunately, Houston Groutsmith has you covered, providing the professional repair and cleaning services you need.

One major benefit of working with Houston Groutsmith is damage prevention. Our team can help you prevent slips and falls by ensuring that your tile stays in place. Additionally, we can help protect your floors from exposure to harmful bacteria, mold, and moisture, which can be particularly important in damp areas like bathrooms.

Another key benefit of our services is restoration and transformation. With our help, you can enjoy enhanced tile appearance and restored beauty. We can also help ensure that your tile surfaces last longer, which can save you money and hassle over time. Plus, when we’re finished, your tile and grout will look as good as new and will retain their fresh, attractive appearance for longer than they would with regular DIY methods.

Ultimately, whether you’re dealing with tile and grout issues in your bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere, Houston Groutsmith is here to help. Our experienced team can deliver the damage prevention, restoration, and transformation services you need to keep your tile looking and performing its best for years to come.

Make Your Tile And Grout Beautiful Again

We offer effective solutions for your tile & grout concerns:



We offer tile chip repair for your shower, kitchen floor, fireplace, and other tiled areas.



We remove stains, water rings, dirt, mildew, and mold.



We use specialized tools to remove old, dirty, moldy grout and replace it with fresh, brand-new grout and an optional water-tight sealant.



We use gentle, professional products and methods to bring back your tile’s lustrous sheen.



Our protective sealant adds long-lasting results, resisting stains and damage.



This repair process secures loose and hollow tiles to the subfloor using our proprietary tile adhesive. When the adhesive is dry, the grout work is matched for color and filled, making the work invisible.

“Craig did a great job taking care of repairing and resealing grout and repairing loose tiles. They are knowledgeable and extremely courteous. I’ll definitely hire them again for future projects.”

Kami S., Houston





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