• professional tile floor cleaners Houston
  • professional tile floor cleaners Houston
  • professional tile floor cleaners Houston


1. the profession of restoring and repairing grouted tile floors and showers.
2. a grout restoration expert.
3. a certification achieved by highly trained grout and tile technicians.
4. a grout and tile professional.

To provide the highest quality of tile and grout cleaning, restoration and repair; to enable homeowners and business owners to enjoy and appreciate the beauty and functionality of their tile and grout surfaces; and to instruct proper maintenance techniques and provide the best products to keep their tile and grout beautiful.

In 1992, we recognized the strong demand that existed for a professional service to clean, repair and restore tile and grout floors and showers. The work, at that time, was being done primarily by handymen and amateurs. There needed to be a professional who could analyze the condition of grout and tile and then determine which service, repair and products were needed to professionally restore them to their original condition. Thus, the Groutsmith was born.

Our Founder, Jonathan Smith is The Groutsmith. Mr. Smith has been in the construction, tile and grout business for more than 35 years. He recognized both the strong need for a service company to professionally both restore grout and restore tile as well as the need for professional products to achieve better restoration results at a lower cost. Addressing these needs, he developed restoration processes and a proprietary line of professional products that insure superior results in less time for less money. A better result in less time and for less money is the winning formula in the grout and tile restoration business. Grout and tile restoration is a specialized profession. All Groutsmiths are highly trained and certified to become experts in the Grout and Tile Restoration Industry.

We service the greater Houston area.
We are currently working in these areas and continuing to expand: Sugar Land, Pearland, Richmond, Rosenberg, Alvin, Bellaire, Fulshear, Missouri City