Grout & Tile Cleaning Specialists in Sugar Land, TX

Your home’s floors see a lot of action! They handle constant foot-traffic from friends, family and pets. Life brings accidents, like spilled drinks or food. It’s easy to drop all kinds of items from spatulas to books to paperweights on our floors, causing stains, cracks and chips. Showers get the bulk of grime and mold. And if not properly dealt with in a timely manner, those problems can cause major unwanted damage to your bathrooms.

We know that you want to keep your tile and stone surfaces looking their best. That’s why Houston Groutsmith helps Sugar Land residents clean and seal their grout and tile and natural stone surfaces. We also restore and repair grout and tile.


Benefits of Cleaning and Sealing Your Sugar Land Home’s Grout, Tile and Natural Stone Surfaces

Sugar Land homeowners, do you need your grout and tile surfaces cleaned or repaired? Houston Groutsmith can help you protect your tile investment — whether you need tile repair, grout and tile cleaning and sealing, or natural stone cleaning and sealing.

  • Our Safe Products — We’ve developed our own proprietary products to clean tile and grout safely, and a restoration process to ensure that your grout and tile look great when we’re finished!
  • Our Safe Cleaning Techniques — We don’t use carpet cleaning equipment, strong acids or pressurized water & steam, which weren’t designed to clean grout and tile and can easily damage them.
  • Healthy Removal Methods — We remove grime and eliminate mold and bacteria. You won’t need to worry about being exposed to unwanted contaminants after we’re done!
  • Extend Grout and Tile Durability — Our cleaning methods extend the life of your tile and grout by preserving the glazing on your tile, which will protect it for years to come.
  • Prevent Future DamageSealing your tile also protects the flooring underneath from damage.
  • Maintain Your Tile’s Beauty — Our proprietary sealing methods will make your floors, showers and countertops look beautiful and help them resist stains, mold, and other damage so that they will maintain their like-new appearance.
  • Save Time & Money — You’ll save money by having your grout and tile cleaned and sealed. Your floor will be protected and you’ll be more likely to avoid expensive future restoration and repairs.
  • Natural Stone Solutions — We also clean, repair, restore, and seal granite, marble, and natural stone floors and countertops.
  • Shower Repair and Restoration — Repair and restore your showers to “like-new” condition by ridding them of grime, mold and mildew.
  • Enjoy Your Tile Surfaces Again! — You’ll be able to enjoy your transformed floors and be confident that they’ll look great for a long time to come. Cleaning them will be a breeze!

“I was very pleased with the product and service. Prompt return of initial inquire, prompt scheduling, reasonable price, and very pleasant to work with. Product makes our tile floors look like new.”

Michael Rupf, Sugar Land

Why Do Tile and Grout Get So Dirty?

Are you frustrated by careful attempts to clean your home’s tile and grout, only to find that it seems to never get as clean as you’d like, and doesn’t stay clean for long?

We know it’s frustrating! Grout is porous, and so it absorbs stains and debris, which are harder to clean with only a rinse and wipe. You are likely inadvertently pushing dirt and grime in deeper when you clean your floor’s surface, causing permanent stains.

On top of this, grout and tile are constantly coming into contact with contaminants from heavy use, making it harder for you to keep up! Using our effective cleaning and sealing techniques, we can help you clean:

  • Showers
  • Floors
  • Backsplashes
  • Countertops
  • Walls
  • Fireplaces

Your Trusted Sugar Land Tile Floor Cleaning and Sealing Experts

Incorporated in 1959, the welcoming city of Sugar Land TX is known for its inclusive community, top medical facilities, and shopping opportunities. Since 2008, it has ranked as one of America’s safest cities.

Whether you’re a new or established resident or you’re just passing through, make sure that you visit the Sugar Land Heritage Museum. To learn more about Sugar Land’s history, visit the Sugar Land Heritage Foundation website.

Houston Groutsmith has been working with Sugar Land homeowners since 1992 to help restore and protect their tile and stone floors. We love giving you back your beautiful floors. Call us today for your free quote and estimate!