Restore and Repair Your Tile and Grout in the South Houston Area

South Houston homeowners often face a frustrating problem—dirty, stained, loose, damaged tile and grout that leave them dissatisfied.

You deserve tile and grout that retain their beautiful appearance and impress guests. And with the help of Houston Groutsmith, you can have that! We’ll restore your tile to like-new with our professional tile and grout repair and restoration services.

Signs Your Tile and Grout Need Attention

Tile and grout look bright and attractive when first installed. But over time, wear and tear take a toll, and depending on the quality of installation, that could be sooner than you expected. You might notice issues like these affecting your home’s grout and tile surfaces:

  • Loose tile
  • Tented tile (lifted and separated from tile bed)
  • Hollow-sounding tile (can signal a problem with flooring beneath tile)
  • Damaged, moldy, stained, dirty, or lackluster grout
  • Chips and cracks
  • A lack of luster

With issues like these, it’s often not enough to apply elbow grease and DIY cleaning methods. If your tile isn’t looking or performing as good as new with minimal effort on your part, it’s time to call the experts at Houston Groutsmith.

“Craig did a great job taking care of repairing and resealing grout and repairing loose tiles. They are knowledgeable and extremely courteous. I’ll definitely hire them again for future projects.”

Kami S., Houston

Practical Solutions that Restore and Repair Tile and Grout

When you’re dealing with tile and grout problems, proper repair and cleaning are essential.

Tile Shines With The Right Care

You’ll see many benefits to your tile and grout when you bring in the professionals at Houston Groutsmith.

Damage Prevention

  • Tile that stays in place, preventing slips and falls
  • Floors that stay protected from exposure to bacteria, mold, and moisture
  • Removal of harmful, unhealthy mold and allergens
  • Avoids having to replace tiles entirely, which is costly

Restoration and Transformation

  • Enhanced tile appearance and restored beauty
  • Longer-lasting tile surfaces for your shower, floors, and other areas
  • Tile and grout that retain their good-as-new look for longer
  • More effective, attractive results than DIY methods can offer

Make Your Tile And Grout Beautiful Again

We offer effective solutions for your tile and grout concerns, so you can enjoy a beautiful home.

  • Repairs — We offer tile chip repair for your shower, kitchen floor, fireplace, and other tiled areas.
  • Cleaning — We use gentle, professional products and methods to bring back your tile’s lustrous sheen.
  • Restoring — We remove stains, water rings, dirt, mildew, and mold.
  • Sealing — Our protective sealant adds long-lasting results, resisting stains and damage.
  • Re-grouting — We use specialized tools to remove old, dirty, moldy grout and replace it with fresh, brand-new grout and an optional water-tight sealant.
  • Re-bonding — This repair process secures loose and hollow tiles to the subfloor using our proprietary tile adhesive. When the adhesive is dry, the grout work is matched for color and filled, making the work invisible.

Enjoy Long-Lasting Tile and Grout Again

There’s no need to put up with lackluster tile and grout any longer. Get that like-new attractiveness and performance all over again with the professional, detailed attention that Houston Groutsmith offers you. Contact us today for a free in-home demonstration and quote. And in the meantime, take a look at our special offers. We’ll help you restore and transform your tile and grout.