When your Richmond home’s floors are looking grubby, you probably get out the mop or scrub brush and go to work. But what if cleaning them isn’t working? No matter how hard you scrub, you just can’t seem to bring back your floor’s original finish.

We’re not surprised. If you have tile or stone floors, they need a professional touch to restore them to their natural beauty. Let Houston Groutsmith help. We have the expertise and equipment to transform your dull or dirty floors and make them look like new again.

Grout, Tile, And Natural Stone Cleaning Experts in Richmond, TX

Are Your Tile or Stone Floors Looking Worse for Wear?

If you’ve tried cleaning your tile or stone floors and they just don’t look better, Houston Groutsmith has the answers. Materials like grout and stone are porous, meaning they absorb stains and filth which evade typical floor cleaning methods. In fact, sometimes trying to clean them just makes things worse!

That’s where Houston Groutsmith comes in. We have the expertise and knowledge to effectively clean your floors and seal them to prevent future mold, dirt, and discoloration from marring your elegant floors.

If you have perpetually dirty floors, ask us about our complete floor restoration services. We have the right service no matter what kind of floor you have.

“Houston Groutsmilth knocked it out of the park! I was very happy with the quality of their work – they made our master shower look new by eliminating all mildew, hard water spots, replacing door sweeps, repairing cracked grout, and sealing everything. I highly recommend this company for professional shower and bath cleaning.”

Amber Robinson

Get the Most Out of Your Floors with Professional Grout & Tile Cleaning Services

You love your stone or tile floors—until they inevitably get worn down with dirt and debris. Let Houston Groutsmith restore and protect your floor’s appeal and give you back all the benefits of great looking tile or stone. Our floor restoration services provide everything you need to love your floors again:

  • Safe products and cleaning techniques that never damage your floors
  • Mold and bacteria elimination
  • Tile and grout glazing to extend durability
  • Sealing to protect stone and tile from damage
  • Natural stone repair
  • Saved time and money on more expensive repairs and replacements
    Flooring that’s easy to maintain
  • Impressive floors again!

Complete Tile Care for Richmond

Richmond, TX is a mix of old and new, with historic buildings enjoying a new life as modern businesses move into them and new buildings popping up around town. You can give the floors in your home new life too with the stone and tile cleaning and sealing services of Houston Groutsmith.

We’ll save you money and your favorite floors with our affordable restoration services. Request a free quote and demo today to learn more about how to protect your floors and enjoy them for longer.